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Our organic vegetables in subscription or individual order

Where do the vegetables come from?

All vegetables come from regional organic and Demeter farms from the Zurich region and neighboring cantons. These are unstandardized and surplus vegetables that have been sorted out due to strict standards of the major distributors. In the meantime, we are working with a network of about 15 farms who regularly let us know when they have happy vegetables that are not allowed on the supermarket runway. The farmers are overjoyed when we help them make the delicious vegetables available for human consumption and pay a fair price.

Can I choose vegetable varieties?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to customize seasonal vegetable boxes to meet any specific requests. If you receive vegetables you don't know, get inspired by our creative recipe ideas. In winter, similar winter vegetables may also be regularly traded at Good Market due to the season (carrots, potatoes, root vegetables, etc.). With the keyword search you will find suitable recipe suggestions, so that you can still cook a healthy recipe based on the same vegetable every week. If you don't like a certain vegetable, give it to your neighbors/friends or find a recipe to give it a new flavor and learn to love it. Our motto is: be intuitive and have fun cooking with rescued vegetables with all their shapes and colors.

Why are your crooked vegetables not much cheaper than in the supermarket?

Farmers should not earn less on fruits and vegetables that look different from regular supermarket produce. According to our values we pay our farmer partners, because our purchasing team attaches great importance to good relations with our partners and always goes one step further than the supermarket. We know our farmers personally and want to offer our customers the advantage of being able to buy practically directly from the producers and do something good for the environment.

How can I give a box as a gift?

You have the option of taking out a new subscription and having the box delivered directly to a rescuer of your choice. To do this, simply enter the appropriate delivery address in a new customer account. After that you can manage your vegetable subscription yourself.

How can I pause my subscription?

In order to give our customers maximum flexibility in designing their subscriptions, we have set up a simple subscription management system in their customer account at In your customer account you can easily make changes yourself and cancel your Retterbox until the order deadline on Tuesday evening for the current week.

Example: Cancellations up to and including Tuesday 23:59 of calendar week 8 will be effective immediately for deliveries from Friday of calendar week 8.

Cancellations after 11:59 p.m. Tuesday of calendar week 8 through and including 11:59 p.m. Tuesday of calendar week 9 will be effective for deliveries beginning Friday of calendar week 9.

Shipping and collection

Can I return my box?

We are fighting against food waste and do not want to allow any food waste, therefore the Savior Box cannot be returned at the moment. We ask for your understanding.

How can I change my delivery address?

In order to provide our customers with maximum service for the design of their subscription, we have stored a subscription administration in the respective customer account on Here you can easily make changes yourself under "Delivery address" and adjust your delivery address. It is important to note that changes made up to and including Tuesday 23:59 of a calendar week will take effect for the delivery of the current week. Changes made later cannot be considered for this delivery.

Do you have any unanswered questions?

Just send us an email to Alternatively, you can also reach us by phone.

How does my rescuer box get to me?

We work together with the Swiss company Planzer, so that your rescue box is delivered or deposited by the parcel carrier.