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About Good Market

We combine seasonal freshness with health, mindfulness and well-being

Veggie No-Brainer

Imagine a world full of colors. A healthy selection of wonderful vegetables that will inspire you to cultivate a light, healthy and delicious cuisine and thus make an essential contribution to a better environment. Let yourself be enchanted by the weekly offer and spare the mental decision muscle for the important things in life.

Our funny-looking solution to food waste is simple, sustainable and super healthy.

By choosing seasonal and regional vegetables, you'll eat in an environmentally friendly way and improve your quality of life.

Our customers save valuable time by using vegetable baskets predefined by the seasons, benefit from low prices for organic food and avoid unnecessary packaging plastic. With us you buy top sustainable and enjoy a perfect service.

Find inspiring recipe ideas on our website under "Recipes" with the keyword search for vegetables.

Sign up or convince yourself of the strong vegetables with a visit to us at Centrale Végétale - a vegan restaurant in the middle of the city of Zurich that cooks delicious menus exclusively with rescued organic vegetables:


Farmers in the





No Foodwaste!

Throughout the food chain, one third of the world's food is thrown away. In Switzerland, 40% of agricultural yields alone do not end up on the dinner plate. This inefficiency is not in line with the drive for greater sustainability.

We are fighting against this with you. Together with regional farmers, we save surplus, crooked and funny vegetables that do not fit the strict standards of the major distributors. With your subscription you effectively help the farmers to save vegetables from waste, pay them a fair price and have the opportunity to develop creative cooking skills.

At the heart of our food philosophy is the return to the natural. Let us be grateful for the gifts of nature - because these are always beautiful!

As rebellious as the vegetables

Rescuer Team

We - Boaz and Raphael - have known each other since childhood and played football together at FC Seefeld. During our studies at the University of Zurich, the desire for a simple and sustainable solution against food waste grew.

We are committed to a mindful and grateful interaction with nature, sustainable agriculture and responsible consumer awareness. We want to revolutionize the entire system of agriculture and nutrition. The consumer alone has the power to change this system. His demand determines the market and the supply - every purchase decision is a choice for something.

As a social society, we have the opportunity to drive systemic change towards a more sensible use of natural resources and an appreciation for the work of farmers and food. For this reason, we offer you with the abnormal organic grocery store 'Good Market' the opportunity to proactively save vegetables, value the farmers and their work.

Our goal? More sustainable, more conscious and smarter than regular retail!